July 10, 2014


Faculty Association Econometrics & Operations Research (FAECTOR, formerly Econometrisch Dispuut, abbreviated as ED) is the faculty association for aspiring econometricians at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and one of two faculty associations at Erasmus School of Economics. FAECTOR has been founded in 1966 and with more than 1800 members and 70 active members in fourteen committees, we aim to enrich the student experience of all econometricians in the broadest sense of the word.

As FAECTOR, we strive to fulfill this ambition by organising the largest and most diverse portfolio of projects and events available to students of Econometrics in the Netherlands. This has not been without success: since our foundation in 1966 we have been an ever growing association, with more members and projects every year. Currently we are the largest and most prestigious association for Econometrics students worldwide, with more than ten career events and many more activities every year.

Our portfolio of projects and events can roughly be divided in three areas related to the themes Career, Education and Social.

Within the Career theme our members have the opportunity to come into contact with a lot of companies to meet their future employer. With succesful events like the Econometric Career Days (ECD), Financial Markets Tour (FMT), Find Your Match, Business Trip and multiple Inhouse Days, FAECTOR is the best way to a succesful career.

Within the Education theme our members have the opportunity to broaden or deepen their knowledge in econometrics and related interesting areas. With succesful events like the Excellence Programme, FAECTOR Research Project (FRP) and Workshop Cycle, FAECTOR is the best way for students to develop themselves from a professional perspective.

Within the Social theme our members have the opportunity to meet Econometrics students from different study phases and form everlasting friendships. With events like the City Trip, Ski Trip, Interfaculty Gala, After Exam drinks, multiple parties and sport tournaments (like soccer, poker and pool), FAECTOR is the best way for students to enrich their student life beyond studying.

Besides our portfolio of projects and events, we also provide study books to all our members via our webshop and post vacancies on our platform www.econometrie.com. To stay up-to-date about everything that we do or if you are interested in becoming an active member, please browse through this site, follow us on Social Media (like Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter) or drop by at our office (Tinbergen building, room H10-05).

FAECTOR is the best way to establish yourself as an aspiring econometrician!