February 2, 2024


About IG&H 

IG&H a leading consulting firm that takes responsibility for the results of its work. With focus on digital transformations, we use our own proven ‘Make Strategy Work’ methodology for successful execution.   

What can we do for you? 

We typically help with complex questions and innovation matters.  Our sector-specific software solutions help you achieve results faster. Together with our clients, we co-create a sustainable impact on society. This means we only accept projects that positively affect the lives of people. 

Make Strategy Work

Our proven “Make Strategy Work” methodology enables us to turn strategies into actionable programs that deliver value fast. Together with you, we focus on content, process and people. 

  • Content – it’s right.
    A structured, logical and fact-based result. 

  • Process – it works.
    A controlled, predictable and smooth process.

  • People – it lands.
    Attention to energy and support by all stakeholders.